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Amelia’s Baba Doll Set Pattern

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Product Description

This sewing pattern is an expanded set of doll items based on what I used to make for Amelia.

You will be able to make doll accessories that include a bib, a burp cloth, ribbon comforter, small toy ball, wipe packet with wipes as well as a nappy for your doll. The Nappy pattern is in two sizes and will suit dolls approximately 33-40 cm (13-15 inches) and 40-45cm (15-17inches).


“Some of you are aware that Tactile Treasures came about after I ventured into the crafting world making and selling (among other things) bibs in the same shape that I designed for Amelia. As she got bigger she would hear me say to Paul that I needed to make more bibs, burp cloths and ribbon comforters. Amelia decided her dolls needed some of these items. I ended up resizing some of them for her and because of how much she liked them I CE tested them and sold the doll set (bib, burp cloth and ribbon comforter) at local craft fairs. Oh by the way Amelia’s dolls were ALL called Baba hence the “baba doll set’ name.

I’m sure a little girl or boy will get great pleasure using this set to look after their doll, I know Amelia certainly did.

Happy sewing” Dawn xx


The sewing pattern includes the following:-

Pattern pieces

Full instructions

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