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Sunshine & Rainbow Sewing Kit

£12.49 each


Product Description

Our new favourite and best sewing kit, designed by Dawn we bring you the Sunshine and Rainbows Sewing Kit. 

“This project came about because I adore the tool set previously created. It’s a very popular pack but although people love it also has a very gender specific feel, which some people are hesitant about. So I took the bits I thought were awesome from it and added a new spin using some other exciting elements that didn’t get used in that kit. Another thing I’m a great fan of is putting in slight variations so although you are following a pattern you have enough flexibility to truly create your own unique creation. This pack is designed with this in mind.

Happy Sewing,’

Dawn x

The sewing kit includes all Tactile Treasures unique products to enhance your design, all you need to add is a few cotton fabrics, ribbon, ricrac and felt to truly personalise it for a little one to treasure.

1 x open/close link
1 x star teether
1 x Jingle column
1 x medium rattle disc
1 x crinkle material 20cm square
1 x Pre-cut 9cm (approximately) diameter circle mirror
Artwork template & patterns

Assorted cotton pieces and/or textured fabrics.
16 x 10cm lengths of ribbons/ric-rac for the sun
Yellow felt (2 x 9cm diameter circles for the sun)
25cm length of 6/7mm ribbon for the star
110cm of 15/16mm ribbon for hanging loops
Basic hand and machine sewing skills

7 different colour felts for the rainbow Click HERE

Optional for alternative star:-
1 medium squeaker
A5 sheet of glitter material
7mm safety eyes


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