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Fabric Book Sewing Kit

£45.99 each


Product Description

The Fabric Book Sewing Kit is to date the most comprehensive sewing kit we produce. Designed by Dawn it extends our expanding sewing kit range to include toddlers.

This is a great project to get your teeth stuck into. It has all the elements you need to create a great educational tactile book. Links, fabric pages, wadding, Fuse-a-web, Velcro®Brand squares and textured fabric in seven colours. The exception is the cotton fabric that you can choose yourself to truly personalise your book, which is great for scrap busting.

The pages focus on colours (red, black white, blue, pink, green and yellow) and shapes but you can also expand educationally on this with bigger and smaller as well about talking about textures, as you have a piece of glitter material and a textured coloured piece of fabric to go alongside the piece of felt in each colour (intended so you can add an extra shape to each page).

There are further ideas in the book to make this project truly unique to you.  All the letters are pre-cut so that you have got the difficult painstaking part out the way and  just need to sew them into place. You even get the clear vinyl to add a pocket on the back to add those extra tactile shapes – for extra fine motor skill you could even add the shapes with a button (these are NOT included). You get links to bind the book but the instructions detail other methods. A lot of project for the money!

“This sewing kit is a much improved and polished copy of a project I made for my daughter, Amelia, a few years ago. It was one of the most loved things I’ve made for her and she spent many happy hours with it. I hope the baby/toddler you make this for loves it as much as Amelia loved her book. Happy sewing.” Dawn.

Included in the Sewing kit:-

  • 8 25cm square pre-cut plain white 100% cotton pages
  • 1 110cm x 28cm wadding
  • 50cm x 50cm Fuse-a-web
  • 3.5cm tall pre-cut letters
  • 7 22mm VELCRO® squares
  • 2 6cm diameter Open/Close links
  • 7 10cm square textured fabrics (needlecord/cuddlesoft or microfleece)
  • 7 10cm square felt
  • 7 10cm square glitter
  • 1 16cm x 13cm piece of Vinyl


Please be aware that some shades of colours may vary depending on available stock. The difference in each kit is that the link colour and lettering on the front cover. The letters in the word ‘colours’ will vary but will be in seven different colours.

Watch out for further add on colours coming soon (purple/grey and orange/brown).

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