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Microfleece – EN71 certified

£4.00£8.00 each

IMG_2679Pink MicrofleeceBlue Microfleece

Product Description

Our Microfleece is available in white.

This is the product we use on our bibs and rabbit ears.

It is ideal for use in soft toys, cloth nappies, baby blankets and hats and scarfs etc.

Made from two yarns, this microfleece is super soft and the highest quality fleece fabric. Microfleece is ideal for baby products because it is lightweight absorbent and quick drying. It’s width is 150cm and supplied in half metre or one metre lengths. Anything longer than a metre will be supplied uncut. The Microfleece is 100% polyester and is machine washable to 30 Degrees as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Our white microfleece has been EN71 tested and the certificate is available if you need it.



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