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EN71 Certified Crinkle Material

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Product Description

Crinkle material has arrived after a long internet search. The crinkle paper has also been EN71-3 tested for your peace of mind. It is presently tested to the following level EN71-3:2013+A1:2014.

The crinkle material is commercial strength grade. It has been manufactured specifically for use in baby toys. It can also be used in pet toys too. It’s the same material used by the major toy manufacturers. It produces a very loud and distinctive crinkle sound for the most desirable effect. It can be played with, then washed and dried.

After consultation with experts we have taken the decision to EN71-3 test our crinkle material. Technically it doesn’t require testing as its an internal component; however, due to how it may be used it may end up in a babies mouth. All customers will receive the certificate for your technical file.

It is available in 1 metre, half metre, 20cm * 1metre and 20cm square lengths, although longer amounts can be ordered and it will be in a continuous length (i.e. 2 metres will be continuous). The width of the Crinkle Paper is approximately 100cm.

The EN71 certificate is available as a free certificate on the website if you need it.

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